Grind, weigh, store, and pour.
Why guess when you can Grale®?

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The Grale® is the world’s first and only grinder scale unit for precise dosages and increased consumption awareness.

E-Z Roll Capabilities

Patented E-Z Roll Capabilities (smaller side door to pour out material).


Extremely precise weighing mechanism featuring accuracy to 0.01g.

High-Quality Materials

Grinder base is made from the highest quality hard plastic for weight reduction and added mobility.

Reservoir Tray

The days of unscrewing and pinching are over. Simply use the larger second door for reservoir tray extraction (No unscrewing the bottom teeth!)

Grinding Teeth

Milled by the most precise CNC process using high grade aluminum. This very same type of aluminum is used for firearm suppressors, bike frames, and aerospace components.

Optimal Precision

Patented retainer chute allows ground material to be centered when transferred to the weighing chamber for optimal precision.


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